Costume.Works is an experimental and immersive performance night where we explore costume as narrative; how it controls and changes our movement, how it can be used to develop a story and

this explores mysticism, embodiment and meditation as part of the creative process. 

giacomo bevanati manifests the balance of action and inaction as he creates work on stage. as he works he reflects, mimics and breaks with the actions of the performers he develops a conversation between the processes of making and animating. 

ying shen's acoustic designs explore the links between movement and sound. Her designs convert kinetic energy into musicality by turning every part of the body into an instrument.

lieu le’s works are simple but powerful, she takes the moon as inspiration to explore the relationship between introspection and expression. she creates an immersive dance space and brings us to a sense of calmness from which we can create.

eva gentner’s works are about tension, between fabric and concrete, materiality and abstraction. she asks the performers to explore her costumes, to work with and against them and to bend, crack and transform them into something unique.



‘måne’ meaning the moon in norwegian, is an essential part of lieu le’s vision. the full moon and as an astronomical body symbolises power, new beginnings and spiritual healing. måne aims to take the audience on a journey of renewal, exploring the imagery and power of the moon as a conceptual artefact. 

through this performance lieu is working with her costumes and performers to explore the idea of “spiritual calmness”. she works to create immersive spaces that incorporate design, fashion and performance which engage with this journey. 

lieu le is a norwegian conceptual designer and artist from norway. currently based in london, she graduated from lcf and is interested in exploring the connections between fashion, performance, technology and spirituality.

by lieu le

performed by sophie holland and ralista chepisheva 

music by tri minh


static | dynamic is the second chapter of giacomo bevanati’s project ‘emotional chair’ In this performance he will explore the relationship between movement and stillness in the creative process. 

giacomo’s wearable sculptures are made through continuous weavings of wire, the links unfold in his hands following no pattern or model. his creatures emerge from his psychological state as ghosts from another realm. tonight giacomo asks you to join him in this intimate performance and help him unravel his creations and,

giacomo is an italian designer and fine artist based in london. he creates wearable art pieces using and autodidactic process he sews brass and steel wire into structural sculptures which follow and break with the body. he is interested in the visual perception of volume, light, transparency and wire patterns.

By giacomo bevanati

performed by mirabelle gremaud, seyi pitah and raffaelo donnaloia me'taraph

mix by raffaelo donnaloia me'taraph


eva’s work fluctuates constantly between rigidity and softness. pouring concrete over a silk base and stretching it out like a canvas she creates a responsive surface, walk on it, play with it, feel it, it crumbles to your touch. on its surface your gestures are inscribed as scars.

silk laid out like concrete | concrete folding and flowing like silk

from a single cut of concrete cloth eva makes a garment, techniques developed in the making of kimonos allow her to construct a garment which records its movement. the costume becomes a artificial memory of movement. 

eva gentner is a fine artists based in germany. her work surrounding materials and fabrics and  focuses on their relation to movement and embodiment. this current project is a continuation of the research she began during her stay at the amami oshima kimono workshops. 

by eva gentner

performed by francesca miles


ying shen's designs encapsulate movement completely. not only do they embody movement, they also sing with it. ying's design incorporate materials that create sound in order to turn the body into an instrument. 

by ying shen

performed by mirabelle gremaud