handmade injection into the virtual


SPACE V8 (2018)
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simon deconstructs images of an imagined future, breaking them down into their material components, then building them anew as beautiful ephemera. 

simon’s work exists in the gap between the real and the imagined, the present and the future. our exhibition explores this gap, leap into simon’s future.

THE FUTURE is only dark from outside
LEAP in it and it

simon van parys’ work utilises both traditional and contemporary technological techniques, to explore an image of a continually unfurling present. he creates a world were analogue meets a digital counterpart, resulting in pieces with a theme of progression and acceleration. it is a meeting point between the abstract and the material, a hand-made injection into the virtual.

his practice is influenced by heavy machinery and techno music and has evolved over the last decade from a commitment to handcrafted statues to include several artistic mediums. he augments his primary medium of sculpture with cutting-edge plastics and 3D sculpting techniques, drawing his influences through into painting, graphic design and electronic music.

sci2fi • hacked futurity • by other means

ª |2009| josé esteban muñoz - cruising utopia |paraphrased|
º |1914| mina loy - aphorisms on futurism