definition of sex



definition of sex, 45min

in 2015 aleksandra started working on ‘let’s talk about sex’, a psychological art experiment inspired by the famous research by alfred kinsey, linking human sexual behaviour to biological and social factors including gender, age, sexual orientation, culture, background and religion. 

based on this academic research, aleksandra invited volunteers to her studio and asked them to portray an alter ego of their sexuality. the participants were then interviewed and photographed. As a development from this, the project ‘definition of sex’ was born. many candidates were willing to open up and share their life stories, fantasies, fears and desires which became the basis of this film. 
within two years aleksandra interviewed and photographed over 240 participants. ‘definition of sex’ presents 8 of these interviews from the project.

residency at by other means gallery:

In the studio aleksandra is opening a dialogue between the artist and society on the subject of sex and sexuality. Using the studio as a safe space in which to interview, film and discuss the subject with members of the public, she is continuing working on the 'let's talk About sex' project.