Tara’s work conjures fantastical and fragmented landscapes which the viewer is invited to inhabit. Her paintings form abstract landscapes and ask us to complete them: azure mountains rise over a red hot desert, floating islands hover where spice winds blow.  The artworks give an initial form, the rest comes to fruition within the mind’s eye.

Petition to Empathy is Tara’s request that we explore these non-spaces, that we engage and navigate them. 

This must be done unhurriedly, sensually, considerately; finding our way naively, feeling around by sound or touch, crawling from stream to ocean unable to take in anything other than what currently rests in our immediate surroundings. 

In doing this we complete Tara’s work. Between us, the non-place takes form. In our presence a rogue element is born; an uncontrollable influence which invades the work
and changes it irrevocably. 

From this invasion stems the element of discomfort which Tara pursues in her performances. These endurance-based works will show Tara at her most vulnerable; entrapped, tired, continuing. They are designed to form an intimacy between the viewer and the artist, and once this intimacy is reached we mustn't shy away. Push on. Continue. Explore. Gaze deeper into her world and make our mark upon it.

Exhibition open Thursday - Saturday 12:00 - 17:00 between 2nd and 17th February. 

Private View : 1st February 19:00